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Being injured at work can be traumatic and if not handled properly, can have a dramatic impact on your physical, mental and financial well-being. Fortunately, if you have been injured at work in Brisbane, you may be entitled to make a claim under the Queensland workers’ compensation scheme.

Statutory Workers Compensation Claims Under WorkCover Queensland

Most work-related injuries or illness that occur in Brisbane are covered by WorkCover Queensland, the statutory, no-fault portion of the Queensland workers’ compensation scheme.


With a statutory claim, you do not need to establish fault in order to be eligible for compensation. Any injury (physical or psychological) arising out the course of your employment is compensable.

In some instances, you will not be insured by WorkCover Queensland. When this is the case, your employer must be self-insured or insured by a private insurer. In either case, your right to file a claim is largely the same.

Under a statutory claim, an injured worker is entitled to three different types of workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Replacement wages for time off work as a result of their injury.
  • Reasonably incurred medical and rehabilitation expenses.
  • A lump sum payment to compensate for any resulting physical or psychological impairment.

Common Law Workers Compensation Claims

In addition to filing a statutory claim with WorkCover for your work-related injury or illness, if your injury or illness was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to make a common law claim that will compensate you for the rest of your working life.

Once your statutory claim is being finalized and you have received a settlement offer, you can decide if you want to bring a common law claim to recover the following damages:

  • Past and future lost wages
  • Past and future medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Pain and Suffering

A common law claim can be worth ten of thousands of dollars more than a statutory claim and can help to improve the quality of your life dramatically after suffering an injury.

So, before you sign a settlement agreement for your statutory claim, you should stop and seek competent legal advice. This is because once you accept a settlement, you may be barred from making a common law claim. Strict time limits also apply, so it is important that you seek legal advice in a timely manner.

Why Contact Our Brisbane Workers Compensation Lawyers?

Understanding the nuances of the Queensland workers’ compensation system can be difficult and there are many things that can go wrong when filing a claim.

An experienced Brisbane workers compensation lawyer can help make your recovery and return to work as painless as possible. By providing you with the support you need to recover from your work place injuries and move forward with your life.

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Contact An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer In Brisbane

A qualified Brisbane workers’ compensation lawyer can ensure that you understand your rights and obligations under the Queensland workers’ compensation scheme and advise you of the steps you need to take. If you have been injured at work, contact Compensation Lawyers at 1300 019 637 for help finding the best workers compensation lawyer to suit your specific needs.

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