What To Do if Injured in Sydney

city-of-sydney-australiaHave you been involved in an accident near Sydney, Australia which was not your fault? Being injured through no fault of your own can leave you frustrated and confused. What should you do first? Where should you go to get help? What places would you need to contact to get the help you need?

Here are some useful local resources to help you get the help you need:

Sydney is Australia’s economic powerhouse and the largest city in the country as well as the state of New South Wales. Sydney surrounds one of the largest and most attractive natural harbors on the East Coast of Australia. Its western extent reaches as far as the Blue Mountains, while its eastern suburbs line the Pacific Ocean. Sydney has approx. 4.9 million people, just a little larger than its old rival, Melbourne in Victoria.

Sydney consistently ranks in the top ten of the best cities to live in the world based on the quality of life there, but accidents can still happen there and they are not always the fault of the person who is injured.

Where to get Medical Treatment in Sydney

st-vincents-hospital-sydneyAmbulance New South Wales can be called by ringing 000 in an emergency. You will normally be taken to the nearest hospital with emergency services. As you will probably be covered by Medicare, you may have a choice of being treated in one of Sydney’s many public or private hospitals like St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney located at 390 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia.

It is important that whatever your injuries and wherever you are treated you get copies of any medical treatment and, if you have been treated in any private institution that you keep any invoices you have paid as well.

Do You Need to Contact the Police in Sydney?

New South Wales Police may be called to investigate your accident, especially if it was a vehicle accident or criminal activity was involved. Usually, they do not get involved in civil matters like a slip and fall accident. If you are contemplating taking legal action against another driver and the police were present at the accident scene, you will need to obtain a copy of the police report – your lawyer can help you with this.

There are several police offices scattered throughout Sydney, so you or your lawyer may need to track down which office dealt with your accident. One central NSW police station is located at 192 Day St, Sydney 2000. You can contact them at 02 9265 6499.

Who to Contact For a Personal Injury Claim in Sydney

If you are considering making a personal injury claim, you will definitely want to attain a local lawyer. You will find that Compensation Lawyers Sydney are very experienced personal injury lawyers who have dealt with just about every type of personal injury case imaginable, including medical negligence and product defects.

How About the Local Court in Sydney?

sydney-central-local-courtYou may need to know where the Local Court is in Sydney as it will be the place where your claim will be filed and where you may need to go if your claim cannot be settled amicably with the help of a lawyer. The main Local Court you will probably use in Sydney is the Downing Centre Local Court at 143-147 Liverpool St.

Do You Need Any More Help?

Legal Aid New South Wales is a useful starting point if you are unsure how to go about making a claim for compensation. They will be able to point in the right direction and outline the law as it applies to New South Wales.

To get a free consultation with a local injury lawyer right away, call 1300 019 637