Have You Been Injured in Brisbane and Not Sure Who to Turn To?


If you have been injured through no fault of your own near the city of Brisbane in Queensland, it can be a confusing and stressful experience. You may be in the hospital for some time and spend many days, weeks or months off work. You may be wondering whether you can take legal action against the person, the business or agency which you think was responsible for your accident. It will be useful to know just which agencies may be useful in your quest for legal justice.

Listed below are some of the more useful local resources:

Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and is the administrative centre and largest city in the state of Queensland with a metropolitan population of over 2.3 million. Brisbane is a river city, situated on both banks of the Brisbane River which empties out into Moreton Bay on the Queensland Coast. Brisbane is one of Australia’s oldest cities named after one of the early governors of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane.

What Happens if You Get Injured in an Accident in Brisbane?

queensland-ambulance-serviceNormally, if you are injured in an accident and your injuries require hospitalization, you will be taken to the nearest hospital by an ambulance under the authority of the Queensland Ambulance Service. If there is no-one around and you have a mobile phone, just call 000 and ask for an ambulance and give details of where you are and what has happened. If you are involved in a vehicle accident, the police should be called too.

If you are unconscious or incapable of phoning 000 yourself, someone will no doubt do that for you.

Assuming that you are covered by Medicare, you can choose a public or private hospital. Because Brisbane is so big, there are a large number of hospitals and medical services which may be involved in treating you. One of the largest Brisbane public hospitals is the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, located at Butterfield Street, Herston.

Queensland Police May Be Involved

Depending on the nature of the accident and how you were injured, you may need to contact the Queensland Police. They will almost certainly be present at the scene of a vehicle accident if this is what has happened to you, but you may have been carried off by ambulance before they arrive, You will need a police report on the accident for your legal documentation if you decide to pursue legal action. There are a number of suburban police stations throughout Brisbane. The City Police Station is located at 46 Charlotte St.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers are Available in Brisbane

There are many very good solicitors in Brisbane who deal with personal injury cases. We can help you find a law firm in Brisbane that specialists in your type of personal injury. This can include medical negligence, auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, aviation accidents, workers compensation claims, product defects, and more.

Where is the Brisbane Magistrate’s Court?

brisbane-magistrates-courtIf you are considering taking legal action against whoever caused your injuries, you or your lawyer may need to file a claim at the Brisbane Magistrate’s Court. It is typical for personal injury claims to be settled without going to trial, but it may be necessary if the insurance company representing the defendant you are suing is not prepared to settle quickly.

The Brisbane Magistrate’s Court is located at 363 George Street in the Queensland. Just down the road at 415 George Street is the Supreme Court building, although it is unlikely that your case will ever have to go to this level of the state court.

Need Any More Legal Help?

If you are just beginning to think about your next step and considering legal action, but are not sure of how to make contact with a lawyer, you can contact Legal Aid Queensland, which is a government agency that gives useful legal advice.

To contact a local injury lawyer right away, call 1300 019 637