Auto Accident Injury Compensation

What are My Entitlements to Auto Accident Injury Compensation?

man injured in a car accident

man injured in a car accidentAuto accident injury compensation is the kind of compensation made to a victim that suffers physical, mental and/or emotional loss and trauma as a result of an auto injury. Like any other compensation covered by the relevant federal laws, there are various criteria used when determining the extent to which the victim should receive compensation. Naturally, this would depend upon the depth of the injuries.

What Can You Claim

There are different types of claims that can be filed in an auto accident injury lawsuit. The most common of these claims is medical expenses. Medical expenses vary depending on the extent of the injury. These expenses would often include but not limited to:

-In-home services

-Physical and cognitive therapy

-Consultative fees with health care experts’

-Ambulance fees

-Disfigurement or permanent disability

At times, it may not be immediately clear whether or not you will need further medical attention after the damages have been awarded. At such times, your doctor may, with assistance of your attorney, recommend additional damages over and above the above-mentioned.

Another common claim after an auto accident injury is the mental and physical stress that may come as a result of the accident, simply referred to as pain and suffering. Like in the case with medical expenses, the damages associated with pain and suffering are computed on the basis of the magnitude of the accident. Due to the sensitive nature of this claim, it is always imperative that the victims reach a certain level of consciousness after the accident before they can make a valid claim.

Lost wages is yet another claim that you may make in the event of an auto accident. This claim borrows from the fact that in the wake of the accident, you may not be as efficient as you were to discharge your duties as usual. This, in effect, will lead to a possible reduction in or total loss of your income. Disability is usually the major indicator when awarding this claim and aside from the fact that the jury will look at the extent of your disability, certain factors such as your age, occupation, skill and experience as well as life expectancy will also come in play.

Last but not least, you may also be entitled damages as a result of loss of affection or companionship. This is usually based on the assumption that you may no longer be able to show affection as was the case before the accident. The only difference here though is that unlike the other claims associated with auto injury, loss of affection and companionship is usually initiated by the uninjured spouse.


Negotiating the damages after an auto accident is a daunting task that involves the cooperation between your injury attorney and medical doctor as well as the jury and insurance companies. Just like any other damages, the goal is not only to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by the accident ordeal but also to restore you to your initial financial position before the act.